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What’s going on with the golf course.

NSID began working on the golf course last week. They have chained off the golf course clubhouse parking lot. They brought in a couple of backhoes and have moved one of them along the side of Heron Run, between Bay Cove and Olde Brooke. They have also installed temporary fencing to secure this work area. This is in line with their plans to connect the waterways on the east side of Heron Run to prevent anyone from going between the Heron Bay community and the area that will be the preserve and the 70 acres slated for commercial development. The actual work they are doing now is not taking place on the 70 acres that are in dispute.
At the November NSID monthly meeting they approved the installation of a permanent fence and gates that will separate the preserve area from the 70 acres in the RFP (the old driving range and the clubhouse/parking lot areas). NSID also stated that they were negotiating with the group that proposed the Emporium. They indicated that this new contract would give Upper Buena Vista 30 days to present a new plan.
In the meantime, NSID was served with a lawsuit brought forward by Citizens Against Golf Course Redevelopment. If you are interested in reading the case documents, they can be downloaded from the home page by clicking on the image of a court document.
If you would like to support the effort to enforce the restrictive covenant on the 70 acres, currently slated for commercial development you will find links to our GoFundMe and petition, as well as our email subscription form on this website.
Thank you if you have already contributed to the effort to enforce the restrictive covenant.

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by Dec 1, 2021